Sunday, November 25, 2007

A queit sunday afternoon in Sofia Art Gallery

Describe your style.
I wear a lot of black. I like the industrial gothic-influenced style, avant-garde clothing, fetishized, with chokers, PVC materials and the like.
Where can you wear this?
Only at the parties that I make. I work here at the gallery (Sofia art gallery) and I cannot wear the exact styles I like.
Something you would never wear?
Pink. I hate it.
What do you think about second-hand shopping?
It's a good opportunity if you want to find cheap but interesting items. I think younger people in Bulgaria shop second-hand a lot. Shopping in the regular boutiques is too easy. And snubbish.
There's a good second-hand shop which I visit often, it's a two-floor store on "Slivnitsa" Str. close to "Luvov most", in Sofia.

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