Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ivelina from FriChic has taken the cool bulgarian blogger questionnaire. here's what she has to say about her style:

where are you from? plovdiv, bulgaria. why did you start blogging? i had been following the fashion bloggers for a while when I've decided to start my own blog. I just wanted to join that community because I like the way they support and reassure each other. The best inspirations are born in these blogs - real fashion for real people. Fashion blogs are addictive but yet really productive for someone as crazy for fashion as me. I am giving more thoughts to my daily outfits. And they have a negative effect on my credit card balance :) describe your style in a sentence highly depending on my mood. Usually rocker-ish with a romantic twist. favourite accessory you can't live without? currently I am crazy about huge bags and scarves. high heels or sneakers? my whole life I was about comfort. I preferred flats and sneakers because of my hectic schedule during the day. I am an emotional Virgo that likes to walk very fast. When I started work, it was impossible to wear flats and for the past years I am so tempted by high-heeled sandals that I gave up my addiction to comfort. biggest fashion sin? owning too many pairs of flip-flops and flats. read ivelina's blog here!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

cool bulgarians is asking some of the outstanding bulgarian fashion bloggers to fill in a little questionnaire. zornitsa from gossip style responded to the challenge first!
here's what she has to say about her style:

where are you from? varna, bulgaria why did you start blogging? i've always been interested in fashion and starting a fashion blog seemed like the easiest way to bring what i'm doing accross to a large number of people. describe your style in a sentence youthful, with some vintage elements, a bit frenchy and with lots of accessories. favourite accessory you can't live without? a watch! i guess it's cuz i am a virgo. i want to be orginized at all times. i hate being late and i feel uncomfortable if people have to wait for me. high heels or sneakers? sneakers during the day. i walk a lot and i prefer to wear flat shoes. i am definitely wearing heels when i have less walking to do or when i am going out in the evening. biggest fashion sin? we all have ours. but i can't think of any particular one right now. read zornitsa's blog here!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Художникът / The painter

Ул. Бистрица, следобед. Един художник рисува голи тела на тротоара. / Bistritza Str., in the afternoon. An artist is painting naked bodies on the street.
p.s. хич ме няма в постването тия месеци, признавам си. нямам никакво оправдание - времето е страхотно, лято е, хората наоколо носят супер вдъхновяващи аутфити. е, какво да кажа - забавлявам се. и доста поствам в личния ми блог (linkasblog.blogspot.com). така че ето едно четиво докато cool bulgarians се завърне. което ще стане съвсем скоро, обещавам.
p.s. i am so bad at shooting and posting these months. i have no excuse, i know, it's summer, weather is great, people are all around wearing inspirational outfits. but the truth is, i've been enjoying myself a lot. and i've been posting quite a bit to my personal blog (linkasblog.blogspot.com). so, here's a reader until cool bulgarians returns. which i promise it will.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Where are you from?
I am from the US.
What are you wearing?
This jacket is actually thrifted, that's why it's kindof big. I am also wearing shoes by Puma, jeans - let me see - they are RVCA and the sweater is Volcom.
Describe your style.
I would say it's American. But I've also travelled a lot in Europe, so it might be inspired by the European fashion.
What about style in Bulgaria? What do you think about it?
It's been just a day since I'm here but I'd say street fashion here is typically European, similar to what you see in Europe in general.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Share your styles at Fashhh.com

A new website for fashion addicts had its official launch yesterday.

Fashhh.com is a one of a kind web-based community featuring a unique gallery of international styles, published in the website by people from all over the world. Anyone can submit their pictures, wearing their favourite styles, and those pictures will then in turn be ranked by the visitors of the site. Pictures can be browsed by ranking and people can vote for them on the scale from 1 to 10. There are also top list sections of best females, best males, best Europe, etc.

Behind the idea of the website are several cool guys from Bodø, Norway - Per-Kjetil Skare, Øyvind Skålsvik, Geir Are Jensen and Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen. The authors say their site is for fashion-minded people and they are looking forward to receiving pictures from all over the world.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cool Bulgarians in Tune-in: Textile Universe News

Tune-in, an internet-based media focused on the textile, design and fashion industries, publishes a material about Cool Bulgarians on 16 February 2008. The material can be accessed in Bulgarian and English.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


What are you wearing?
The coat is Ego, the leggings are from Ninka, the clutch is vintage, the shoes are Tendenz.
Describe your style.
I can't label it, lately I have been wearing mostly dresses and colorful tights. I get inspired by foreign fashion blogs and street style. I like unexpected combinations and experimenting with clothes, but I also like basic classic lines.
Do you ever wear your friends' clothes?
No, I never borrow clothes. Maybe if I need something specific, like a jacket for a job interview or an event.
What keeps you warm in winter?
Lots of layers.

Friday, February 1, 2008


What are you wearing?
I am wearing Zara jeans, a Rifle shirt; jacket by Emilio Corali, the glasses are Solano and the shoes are Gola.
Is there something you would never wear?
I wouldn't wear female clothes. Or anything "white-icecream seller-pop-folk style.
What about second-hand shopping?
Yeah, I personally think there's nothing wrong with it. I have shopped second-hand, I once bought a leather jacket.
What keeps you warm during winter?
Love. Lots of love.

Friday, January 11, 2008


What influences your style?
Apart from working for one of the daily newspapers in Bulgaria, I have also been involved in a music project. I was a band member of Shemale Zero (I play the drums) and we did that photoshoot (3rd picture) with the other guys in the band. The girl plays the guitar; the guy also plays the guitar and he does vocals. I am now working on a project with one famous underground DJ. I came up with the idea to try an "art industrial" style. We're gonna focus not only on the sound, but also on looks, performances, extravagant images, etc.
Talking about extravagance, is there something you would never wear?
Oh, lots of things, especially pink colours, glittery stuff, sequined, beaded stuff. I would never wear sandals!
What do you think about second hand shopping?
I am totally into it. The trousers I am wearing now are second hand. So are the blouses. The story with the T-shirt is interesting, cuz I had to wear something decent for work one day, as I was coming from a party and I borrowed the T-shirt from a friend of mine. But it's actually with one of my favourite bands on it!
I actually read somewhere that 46% of the people in Bulgaria shop second-hand. And I mean, there are some great second hand-shops where you can find things you can't get anywhere else. There's a good one on Rakovski Str. and the crossing with Graf Ignatiev. And I've seen a lot of great stuff in the area around the Court Chambers building.