Thursday, December 6, 2007

Daiana, Radostina & Mirela

Describe your style

Daiana: grunge and bum-style.
Radostina: a mix between grunge and sport&elegant style.

Mirela: punk-rock.

Where do you shop?

Daiana: This jacket for example is from Inki Tinki, or what was the name of this shop - close to 7th School. The bag is H&M, bought in the US, in Manhattan. The trousers and the T-shirt are also from the US.

What do you think about street-style in Bulgaria?

Radostina: I hate the chalga-style and I hate the fashion girls. I like it when people don't care what they are wearing. I hate winter. And I hate emo-s.

Daiana: I hate uniformity and greyness. I like styles with lots of accessories and colours.

What do you want to buy next?

Mirela: I want warm pullovers. Cuz I am now wearing short sleeves and stuff.

Daiana: I want a chiffon grunge dress.

Something you would never wear?

Radostina: Chalga styles or trendy-girl styles.

Mirela: Mini-shorts.

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