Friday, January 11, 2008


What influences your style?
Apart from working for one of the daily newspapers in Bulgaria, I have also been involved in a music project. I was a band member of Shemale Zero (I play the drums) and we did that photoshoot (3rd picture) with the other guys in the band. The girl plays the guitar; the guy also plays the guitar and he does vocals. I am now working on a project with one famous underground DJ. I came up with the idea to try an "art industrial" style. We're gonna focus not only on the sound, but also on looks, performances, extravagant images, etc.
Talking about extravagance, is there something you would never wear?
Oh, lots of things, especially pink colours, glittery stuff, sequined, beaded stuff. I would never wear sandals!
What do you think about second hand shopping?
I am totally into it. The trousers I am wearing now are second hand. So are the blouses. The story with the T-shirt is interesting, cuz I had to wear something decent for work one day, as I was coming from a party and I borrowed the T-shirt from a friend of mine. But it's actually with one of my favourite bands on it!
I actually read somewhere that 46% of the people in Bulgaria shop second-hand. And I mean, there are some great second hand-shops where you can find things you can't get anywhere else. There's a good one on Rakovski Str. and the crossing with Graf Ignatiev. And I've seen a lot of great stuff in the area around the Court Chambers building.

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