Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Evelina & Tedi

Describe your style.
Evelina: We listen to rap music, our style is entirely hip hop inspired right now. But we also wear other styles, we talk with our friends in advance and we all decide to wear the same style at the same time.
Where do you shop?
Evelina: My mum shops for me, she picks hip hop clothes for me, because she likes them.
What do you think about street style in Bulgaria?
Tedi: I like it, I think there is a huge variety which is great.
Something you would never wear?
Evelina: There's no such thing. I like changing my style.
Tedi: Ballet clothes.


Gabba F. said...

I don't like rap style ;/

margarita said...

I like both girls and their answers! So honest, so tolerant! That is what a true fashion addict should say - variety is good, and needed to inspire us all!